Anti Graffiti Association

The Anti Graffiti Group (AGA) is a group of manufacturers, contractors, transport providers and other organisations which can give advice on anti-graffiti issues
This includes graffiti removal, anti-graffiti coatings and similar technical issues. See below for a full list of AGA members and how they can help. 

Manufacturers and Contractors

3M Scotchkote
AGS One Group Ltd (formerly Anti Graffiti Systems Ltd)
Aura Graphics Ltd
CAL Contracts Ltd
Chela Ltd
Chicago Glass Ltd
Community Clean
Coo-Var (Teal & Mackrill Ltd)
Dacrylate Paints Ltd
Epicuro Ltd
Graffiti Doctor (a division of D Kershaw Ltd)
Graffiti Magic Ltd
Hydron Protective Coatings Ltd
Merlin Chemicals Ltd
Nordic Pioneer Ltd
Putzmeister Limited
The Block Sealer Co Ltd

Trion Tensid AB Urban Hygiene Ltd
Urban Hygiene Ltd

Transport providers

London Underground Ltd
Nexus Rail (Newcastle Metro)

Other organisations

Historic Scotland
Graffiti Dialogues

AGS One Group Ltd (formerly Anti Graffiti Systems Ltd)
AGS One has been providing a range of graffiti removal and abatement services, specialist cleaning, surface renovation and labour provision in partnership with local authorities, public transport organisations and a vast array of private sector businesses for over a decade. Their services are complementary: they can be provided individually or as a package tailored to your needs. AGS One undertake maintenance activities, capital projects, renovations, emergency work, and short-term one-off projects in these areas. The quality of our services is based on the expertise of AGS One’s trained, specialist staff together with an investment in cutting-edge technology. Together this allows maximum efficiency which translates as quality, value-for-money services for their clients.

Community Clean

Graffiti removal, management and protection is an area of expertise that Community Clean has thrived in over its almost seven years of operation. They currently have a graffiti management contract of theirs is with the London Borough of Bromley in South West London. In the last 12 months they have used their expertise to reduce the amount of graffiti attacks in the Borough. Time and experience has now allowed their expertise to flourish onto larger-scale projects and develop their service offering to evolve into more of that of a full-service refurbishment company for the urban environment. They now operate across a number of sectors including highways, rail, local authorities, BIDs and more. A couple of recent successful projects  within the public realm area includes the deep cleaning and protection  of granite and York stone pavers at Euston Circus for TfL and Kings Cross Piazza for Network Rail.

Coo-Var (Teal & Mackrill Ltd)
Coo-Var have over 100 years experience manufacturing specialist paints for most situations and have a number of graffiti protection systems. Repainting after each attack costs a lot of money and takes a long time, therefore protecting ourselves in the first place is a logical step. Coo-Var anti-graffiti coatings protect the surface so that when graffiti does occur a small amount of cleaning is required rather than repainting work. Products included in the range are single pack, two pack and water based coatings, a full anti graffiti kit and graffiti removers.

Epicuro Ltd
Epicuro Ltd (2006) is a manufacturer and supplier of construction chemicals for cleaning, protection and waterproofing of all kinds of surfaces. Its products carry BBA, EN and WRAS Certification. One of its best known products is Hydrophobic BridgeGuard, which imparts weathering and anti-graffiti properties to the treated surface. Epicuro has a strong technology base and supports cutting edge research at Brunel University and elsewhere. 

Trion Tensid AB Urban Hygiene Ltd 
Trion Tensid AB is based in Uppsala, Sweden. They are the leading manufacturer of graffiti control products, facade cleaning agents and surface treatments in the Scandinavian countries.They have delivered products and know-how in graffiti control market in the UK since 1988 (they are all fluent in English at Trion Tensid). We are product suppliers, solution providers and support specialists. We have a well developed training program for operators working with graffiti control and facade cleaning. Trion Tnesid has been a member ofthe AGA since it was originally formed in the UK as well as represented in the Management Committée for almost 10 years. Contact

Their distributor in the UK is Garrandale Ltd (Derbyshire) or contact 

Urban Hygiene Ltd
Urban Hygiene Ltd have been in the business of keeping things clean since the 1990’s and were founding members of the Anti Graffiti Association. Included in their range are two products developed specifically for the anti graffiti market. "Easy-on" durable and protective coating resists damage, candling, scuffmarks, graffiti and dirt. Simply apply, leave to dry and then enjoy 20 years of pristine, wipe clean walls and savings. "Easy-off" safely removes pen, paint and graffiti from walls and hard surfaces. easy-off is available in wipe, liquid & kit form.