Keep Britain Tidy's Campaigns

We believe that where we live matters. Cleaner streets, beaches and parks provide the backbone for stronger communities. How we live matters too. By preserving scarce resources, wasting less and recycling more, we create a healthier society and healthier planet too. Keep Britain Tidy has 60 years experience of running regional and national campaigns to improve the quality of communities and landscapes across the country.

As Network members you'll have access to some of our exclusive campaigns, a well as 
opportunities to order our campaign materials or use our artwork in our own bespoke campaigns




   Our new fly-tipping campaign, find out more ...



We're watching you

   "We're watching you" is our new dog fouling campaign, find out more... or download the flier



Smoking Zones





   Keep Britain Tidy's proven answer to the big butt problem, find out more ...



Green footprints

Green footprints use behavioural insights to nudge pedestrians into doing the right thing. Litter bins are made more prominent by placing a set of bright green footprints in front of them. Get involved and start using the footprints, find out more ...

Please note this campaign is available for Network Members who can order via this booking form, Non Members can join the Network by contacting and we will be happy to provide a quote.

Which side of the fence are you on?

   When it comes to litter – which side of the fence are you on? Find out more...


Order campaign posters and leaflets

As Network members you'll be able to order copies of our campaign posters or leaflets to use in your area. Browse our online shop to see the full list of campaign materials currently available, then email us with your requirements.

Bespoke campaign materials for your local authority

If you would be interested in using any of our campaign materials or artwork as part of your own bespoke campaigns, please get in touch to discuss. For example we can customise our campaign posters with your own local authority name and logo.