Legal and Enforcement Training

Environmental crime is a prevalent issue, impacting areas across the country. Enforcement can be an effective action to tackle this problem; if managed properly, it can act as a successful deterrent and result in cleaner streets. If managed badly, it can lead to ill-feeling and negative publicity in the press. Our courses steer you through the pros and cons of enforcement, helping you to tackle enforcement issues efficiently and tactfully while also cutting costs.

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The Enforcement Academy
DATES: 14, 21, 22, 28 & 29 June in London
DATES: 4, 11, 12, 18 & 19 July in the North

The Enforcement Academy Continued Competence
DATE: 10 May Wigan

Issuing Fixed Penalty Notices
DATE: 16 May London

Environmental Legislation - Cradle to Grave & Beyond
DATE: 24 May London

Cleaning Up the Neighbourhood  - Vehicle Issues 
DATE: 9 May Wigan & 20 June London

Dog Fouling and Control
DATES: 11 May Wigan & 17 May London 

Police and Criminal Evidence Training (PACE)
DATES: Coming soon

Scrap Metal

Waste Regulations - The Full Picture

Managing Conflict - Achieving Co-operation on the Street

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