LEQ Surveys and Environmental Services


Keep Britain Tidy are the go-to organisation when it comes to keeping our streets clean. The services we offer range from reviewing strategies and policies, to carrying out environmental surveys and identifying and monitoring the issues.

Services Reviews

Using our vast experience, developed over a number of years, we are able to carry out assessments of your street cleansing services. We can provide information on how frequently streets are swept and cleaned, and by what means. This information can then be used to better manage your existing resources and equipment to provide a more efficient and effective street cleaning service. 

Why undertake service reviews?

A service review would typically involve a number of stages, these may include:

  Understanding the service – this will include gathering the available information on the services and engaging with staff.

  Review of the service – this stage would include a review of current local environmental quality survey information, comparative assessment against other services, hotspot analysis, establishing suitable targets and a reviewing education, prevention and enforcement activity.

  Modelling a future service – for key and sensitive localities such as city centres and district centres, for important issues which might include fly tipping and graffiti and help to influence future decisions such as fleet purchasing. 

Local Environmental Quality Surveys

Keep Britain Tidy offer a range of surveys to assess the local environmental quality of an area. Our highly experienced team carry out the national survey on behalf of Defra and offer a number of different surveys, including count and NI195-style surveys. The surveys can be used to measure the impact of a campaign or new initiative, or to understand and locate specific problem areas. The team work with a range of land managers, including local authorities, BIDs and housing associations.

Contract monitoring

Many organisations use Keep Britain Tidy to monitor their contracts on behalf of a contractor or local authority. For contractors, the surveys can be used to measure success and identify areas for improvement, and for local authorities we can provide an independent view of the quality of the local environment in line with the contract. Keep Britain Tidy also provide services that can assist contractors, local authorities and other stakeholders in working together more effectively. For an example of a contract monitoring project we have delivered in the past, please download our case study

LEQs Pro Survey Reporting

Our reporting system, LEQS Pro, is designed to meet all your surveying needs, whether based on NI195, contract management or a more bespoke surveying project. Find out more about LEQs Pro.

For further information about our LEQ Surveys and Environmental Services please contact:
Jon Gibbon
Senior Project Manager
T: 020 7420 4426
E: Jonathan.Gibbon@keepbritaintidy.org