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Network Award Winners 2016

The winners of the Keep Britain Tidy Network Awards 2016 were announced at a ceremony in Birmingham, following our annual conference. The Awards recognise the achievements of local authorities, businesses and housing providers who have improved local environmental quality through innovation and new ideas.We must commend all the Network Members and partners who entered the awards and the high standards they set. Thanks also to our panel of judges for judging each category and choosing our winners. 

Twelve organisations, ranging from a manufacturer of cleaning equipment to an inner-London borough, won awards in 11 categories, including Campaign of the Year and Local Authority of the Year. Winning a prestigious Keep Britain Tidy Network Award demonstrates to the public that their local authority is taking their environmental responsibilities seriously. 

Award for Innovation
Business of the Year Award
Campaign of the Year Award
Community Engagement Award
Partnership Award
Quality Improvement Award
Team of the Year Award
Keep Britain Tidy Outstanding Achievement Award
Local Authority of the Year


Award for Innovation rewards new and pioneering ideas that have led to improvements in local environmental quality.

Winner…London Borough of Tower Hamlets: Various projects – (FIFILI, QR, RFID)
Tower Hamlets recognised the need to create new communication channels with their residents to better deliver services and maximise resources. A number of projects were developed to achieve this, including the Find it, Fix it, Love it smart phone app and scannable Quick Response codes on public litter bins. This multifaceted approach to enhancing communication for all has been a collaborative process, utilising the public as a means to identify issues instantly and better direct resources.To date, results have seen a reduction in complaints by up to 100%, while their mobile app has saved £300,000 over the last 3 years. With an ever reducing workforce, this has been impressive indeed. 
Finalist…Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council: Wildflower areas
The wildflower planting scheme in Doncaster was initiated in 2014 as an opportunity to deliver biodiversity conservation, while greatly enhancing the greenspaces throughout the borough for residents, workers and visitors alike. The project’s great success has seen it expand from highway verges to many other types of greenspaces. The scheme has been very popular with the residents of Doncaster, improving public perception of the local environment and generating a great many compliments. 2015 saw the number of wildflower planting sites increase to 15, and owing to the success of the project, this year should see that number rise.


Business of the Year Award recognises businesses that have made a commitment to improving the local environment. 

Winner…Helping Hand: Corporate Social Responsibility – Keeping Britain Tidy
The Helping Hand Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of litter clearance hand tools, for over 50 years they have been supporting UK local authorities, waste contractors, community groups, schools and charities in developing and enhancing sustainable litter management with their range of tools and systems. They care passionately about making our country cleaner and greener for all, and along with providing portable solutions to tackle litter issues, they have supported their customers in creating innovative campaigns on local and national levels in partnership with key environmental charities and waste management organisations including Keep Britain Tidy, CIWM, APSE, Keep Scotland Beautiful, Keep Wales Tidy, Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful, and the Marine Conservation Society. 2015 saw them involved in campaigns such as the Big Tidy Up, Community Clear Up Day and Love Essex, amongst many others, all working to develop unique and long lasting partnerships and sustainable working practices. 


Campaign of the Year Award recognises successful campaigns that can show evidence of changing people's behaviour.

Winner...North West Leicestershire District Council: Dog Watch Campaign 
North West Leicestershire District Council’s “Dog Watch” initiative was developed based on a Neighbourhood Watch scheme concept that many eyes are watching and people from all walks of society are working together to eradicate anti-social behaviour. This initiative, however, takes things to a new level as it marries up three specific groups; residents, schools and parks, with the same aim, to change dog walker behaviour. Each utilising the same brand but tweaking the delivery and message. Uniting these groups has strengthened the anti-fouling message across the board, not only succeeding in changing behaviour but also forging strong links between authority, partners and residents. Results to date have been very positive.
Finalist...Northumberland County Council: LOVE Northumberland Campaign 
The LOVE Northumberland campaign was launched in 2010 as a cross council initiative to enhance the natural environment of Northumberland, bringing together all parties who have a common interest in making Northumberland a cleaner, greener place to live, work and visit. Many successful initiatives have come about through this exciting campaign, including ‘Bin it for Good’, an anti-litter project transforming litter bins into charity collection pots, tying in with the ‘Love Northumberland Hate Litter’ campaign, which since its launch in 2015 has seen 964 students attend litter awareness workshops. Despite an ongoing period of austerity, Northumberland remain determined. They have undertook the LOVE Northumberland campaign with gusto, engaging with communities to build civic pride and adopting new, smarter ways of working.
Finalist...Manchester City Council: Clean City, Clean Up Campaign 
Manchester City Council’s ‘Clean City, Clean Up’ Grant campaign aims to encourage residents to actively improve their communities by applying for grants to fund sustainable, on-going clean ups and environmental improvement schemes in their local area. Manchester has supported a major series of clean up campaigns throughout the city, run not only by residents, but by local organisations, businesses, schools and volunteers, badged under the Clean City brand. With nearly 600 clean ups taking place so far, and well over 8,000 volunteers, the campaign has reached every single ward in the city. The fundamental theme is of collective responsibility - the grants give residents the resources to create their own vision for a clean and attractive community space.


Community Engagement Award rewards action that has empowered communities to take responsibility for their local environment.

Winner...London Borough of Tower Hamlets: Adopt-a-Garden Volunteer Scheme
Tower Hamlets’ Clean and Green Adopt-a-Garden scheme has been inspiring communities and encouraging people to take responsibility for their environment since 2012, empowering 66 volunteers in 15 different locations across the borough. Nominees and other volunteers from the community, including residents and local businesses, are responsible for the care and maintenance of the gardens created. The scheme has fostered a greater sense of ownership amongst the community, helping to tackle environmental crime and transforming the urban street scene into cleaner, greener, more attractive spaces that everyone can enjoy. Results show reductions of up to 43% in the number of cleansing requests received for fly-tipping, graffiti, fly-posting and dirty streets. 
Finalist...Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council: Community Volunteering
In 2014, Newcastle-under-Lyme launched the Litter Pledge Scheme, encouraging local schools and businesses to sign up and complete 3 litter picks a year. Last year alone saw involvement from over 25 schools, businesses and community groups, recording an incredible 6,819 volunteer hours. Over time, businesses like McDonalds, Asda and Tesco have gone above and beyond to make the local community a better place to live and work. By educating children from participating schools on the impact of litter, they have a greater awareness and interest in the local area. LEQ results have improved dramatically as a result of the work pledge-members are doing, and despite financially challenging times, huge steps are being made to build on the success of this initiative.
Finalist...South Ribble Borough Council: Walton Park - The Outdoor Classroom
With South Ribble Borough Council’s support and expertise, Walton Park Friends group have led and developed The Outdoor Classroom, a meaningful, fun and interactive outdoor activity area for local schools and communities to enjoy. The passion and commitment of the group is visible in the wide range of improvements made, giving the park a new lease on life, and the residents, an area to be proud of. Features include an information station, bird, owl and bat boxes, replanted pond area and a butterfly and bee garden. By teaming up with South Ribble, the Friends group have contributed immensely to the quality of the local park’s environment, increasing biodiversity and enabling the local community and schools to understand more about the local wildlife and their habitat.


Partnership Award recognises those organisations that have formed strong partnerships to successfully work together and improve places.

Winner…Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council: Food For Thought Project
Dudley MBC’s regeneration project took a scruffy market, set in its ways, and reshaped it into an effective and innovative recycling initiative, producing significant waste disposal savings in the process. Taking a holistic approach, stakeholders focussed on a new way of working, bringing together the Regeneration Project Team, Market Traders, Street Cleansing crew and a Voluntary Animal Sanctuary to achieve a better, cleaner facility for the town and for all concerned, enhancing business and tourism. New waste storage methods combined with the innovative food recycling scheme providing food waste from Dudley Market to a local animal shelter, has reduced the actual waste arising by 60%, and created significant cost benefits for many of the initiative’s stakeholders.
Finalist…Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council: Reparation Team Partnership
The reparation team partnership brings together current offenders and Doncaster MBC Supervisors to tackle important environmental issues in the local community. This unique and innovative partnership is one of very few within the country and sees prisoners with an open prison status volunteer with the Council on various tasks to enhance the local environmental quality of the borough, creating significant cost benefits and helping to break down barriers. Tasks range from tidying allotment sites, working with other voluntary groups, street cleansing support and working with the Council’s Enforcement Team. This initiative has been a huge success, with reparation teams recording 20,000 hours of work per year and collecting an incredible 300 tonnes of waste.
Finalist…Fylde Council: Fylde Litter Action Group (FLAG)
In January 2015, Fylde Council teamed up with local volunteers to launch the Fylde Litter Action Group (FLAG) to coordinate all litter action, education and enforcement work across the Fylde community. The FLAG project has brought together and harnessed the community spirit and enthusiasm of over 90 partners, including council services, local street representatives, businesses, schools and voluntary organisations, establishing stronger working relationships between the public, private and voluntary sector. Communications have improved to allow teams to better direct efforts when coordinating litter picks and enforcement action. Recent street cleanliness results have been fantastic, showing that 91% of all highways, parks, beaches and car park areas exceed the basic standard of street cleanliness required.


Quality Improvement Award looks to recognise a project or initiative that has shown a significant improvement to service delivery. 

Winner…Hounslow Highways: Step Change Improvement to Local Environmental Quality
Over the last 3 years, Hounslow Highways have focused their efforts on sustainable improvement of the borough’s local environmental quality, believing it a vital aspect to building a positive relationship with the Council, residents and businesses alike. The solution to this borough’s historically poor cleansing results was to channel people, skills and systems more effectively. A fresh way of thinking, along with some new equipment, has invigorated the staff, leading to greater efficiency. Tremendous progress has been made by using innovative technology, listening to staff and residents, changing service delivery and conducting robust enforcement activity. The most recent LEQ survey from Keep Britain Tidy has shown very positive results across all indicators and there has been a 67% reduction in cleansing enquiries. 
Finalist…London Borough of Tower Hamlets: Various projects – (FIFILI, QR)

In an effort to better deliver services and maximise resources, Tower Hamlets have embraced the digital age and transformed their ability to respond to a range of issues across the borough. Through both the Find it, Fix it, Love it smartphone app and the placing of Quick Response codes on all of the borough’s parks and open spaces, services have been revitalized as members of the public can now instantly report on a number of issues at the click of a button. These innovative methods have empowered residents to take responsibility and communicate directly with delivery teams, helping to foster a sense of ownership and civic pride, strengthening their relationship with the council. To date, the service has saved over £300,000 in staff resources and time. 

Finalist…London Borough of Enfield: Cleaner Enfield Project
Enfield recognised the need to develop a street cleansing service that delivered at a time and place as and when required. The Cleaner Enfield initiative realised this need by improving visibility and responsiveness to truly reflect the needs of the local area. Despite financial constraints, significant improvements have been achieved through innovative use of resources, improved targeting of cleansing teams and joint working with enforcement officers. Results from the 2015 borough wide Keep Britain Tidy survey reported litter levels at just 4%, with the most recent public satisfaction survey recorded at a fantastic 80%. Today, street cleansing offers residents a structured, yet flexible approach to cleaning, enhancing ownership of the neighbourhood and ensuring Enfield remains an exciting place to live, work and visit. 


Team of the Year Award rewards the team delivering the very best service possible.

Winner...Blackpool Council: Waste Services Team 
On an ever reducing budget, the Waste Services Team at Blackpool Council have worked tirelessly and gone above and beyond the call of duty in their endeavours to increase recycling and ensure that local residents have the knowledge and means to deal with their waste responsibly. In the past 3 years, this small and dedicated team have worked to sustain partnerships with third sector groups and neighbouring authorities, developing a number of initiatives to improve reuse and recycling rates and provide residents with the means to recycle as much waste as possible. So far over 350 tonnes of waste have been diverted for recycling or re-use as a result of these initiatives, with an impressive 56% recycling rate recorded in 2015.
Finalist...Hounslow Highways: Environment & Sustainability Team 
Hounslow Highways Environment & Sustainability Team have led from the front, continuing to show residents how important it is to keep their local environment clean and green, despite facing a number of challenges. A change in management, a reduction in workforce and strict performance targets has not made a dent on their commitment to bring about behaviour change and improve local environmental quality. To achieve this, the team have worked on a number of initiatives, including Litter Action Days in schools and Joint Action Days with Council Officers and Police - educating residents and business, raising awareness and taking enforcement action. Keep Britain Tidy’s recent LEQ survey results show a marked improvement in standards.
Finalist...Nottingham City Council: Innovation in street cleansing services 
Nottingham City Council ‘s Street Cleansing and Street Scene team are focused on providing innovative services to meet the ever-changing needs of citizens, an ambitious City and tight budgets. Despite budget shortfalls, this dedicated team strive for continuous improvement in service delivery, investing in new ways of working, utilising local knowledge and redesigning the service to make sure it’s efficient, cost effective and citizen focused. The team believe engaging the public is key to real behaviour change. Their high-profile ‘Keep Nottingham Clean’ campaign was shaped by involving local residents and led to over 1000 tonnes of rubbish being collected.


Keep Britain Tidy Outstanding Achievement Award recognises those who have made an exceptional contribution to the environment.

Winner...Cherry Lewis-Taylor
When it comes to the role business plays in the litter agenda, Cherry Taylor-Lewis has led the way. From the moment she become a McDonald’s franchisee back in June ‘96, Cherry has made tackling litter her chief priority, partnering on and championing numerous high-profile campaigns and events over the years, sowing the seeds for a hugely successful public/business partnership in the process, and remaining unshakeable in her resolve. As a forward thinking and proactive lead business partner on Braintree District Council’s Green Heart of Essex initiative, Cherry was the obvious choice to obtain business buy-in for the award-winning, county-wide Love Essex Campaign. She proved instrumental in galvanising support among the business community, persuading all McDonald’s, KFC and Domino’s Pizza restaurants in Essex, to join the campaign with a ‘good for business’ hat on, emphasising the benefits to business.  

Building on the overwhelming success of this campaign, which resulted in an impressive 41% reduction in fast food litter, she was keen to spread the net more widely, and in 2015, enticed Coca-Cola and Smith Anderson, among many other businesses, to come on board; directly responsible for the involvement of some 117 restaurants across three counties, creating the Love Suffolk and Love Kent campaigns.

Here at Keep Britain Tidy, we want to celebrate the exceptional contribution Cherry has made to the environment. We want to recognise her tireless work on the fight against litter and applaud her continuing passion to spread the anti-litter message, pursuing Keep Britain Tidy’s vision of a cleaner, greener environment for all. Through her leadership and tenacity, she has inspired countless others to follow suit, acting as a real catalyst for change, and demonstrating all that can be achieved through a partnership approach. 


Local Authority of the Year marks excellence in any aspect of a local authority's work in environmental services. This year two local authorities shared top honours, both named as winners of this prestigious award.

Winner...City of London: Street Cleansing Improvements
The City of London is unswerving in its commitment to continually improve the appearance and function of the City’s streets. With 400,000 workers and numerous tourists visiting every day, the City faces some unique challenges and to deal with these issues, balances robust education and enforcement campaigns with a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year street cleansing service dedicated to providing a high quality, enjoyable environment. Over the last year, the City has developed innovative approaches to tackling various issues, including the “No Small Problem” smoking related litter campaign, which led to a 46% reduction in cigarette litter, and the “Vomit Patrol”, which reduced anti-social behaviour residue by 39%. These tailored initiatives have resulted in the City’s lowest ever NI195 scores, helping to create a cleaner more pleasant street environment. 
Winner...Braintree District Council: The Green Heart of Essex
As an ambitious and forward thinking authority, Braintree District Council has a vision of creating a cleaner, greener district that people can live, work and do business in. With 92% of the area classified as green space, residents rate environmental quality as an important priority. This has led the Council to devise innovative approaches to enhancing the district, investing in key services, robust campaigns and more effective enforcement. The high-profile ‘Love Essex’ campaign saw Braintree lead on a pan Essex anti-litter campaign with all 15 Essex local authorities working with leading fast food establishments including McDonalds, reducing fast food litter by 41%. 2015 took this partnership further, introducing new partners and involving over 300 businesses including Coca-Cola. As a result of this campaign and others, resident satisfaction levels are now well above the national average.

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