Waste Watch Services


We have three interconnected goals: reducing littering, improving local places, and preventing waste. We do this through research, social innovation, setting standards, campaigning, educating, delivering programmes and influencing policymakers. 

We have nearly 30 years experience of working with people and organisations to manage waste better. The Waste Watch Services team specialises in the delivery of community engagement campaigns for local authorities, waste contractors, and other public and private sector clients who work to reduce waste and increase recycling.

Our services include...

Doorstepping campaigns

Engaging with people on their own doorstep to educate and inform them about local recycling services. This can be combined with container delivery to help remove barriers to recycling. 

Roadshows and events

Running information roadshows in areas of high footfall and at existing community events, as well as delivering larger, stand-alone community events to promote waste reduction, reuse and recycling such as:

• Give and take days
• Swishing (clothes swapping) events
• ‘Feeding 1,000’ events – feeding 1,000 people with the amount of money that the average household spends on wasted food per year 

Engagement around waste and recycling service changes

Running face to face engagement programmes to support the introduction of new waste and recycling services with activities such as doorstepping, road shows, container delivery support and collection troubleshooting. We have supported the introduction of food waste collections, fortnightly waste collections, alternate weekly collections, chargeable garden waste collections, recycling services for flats and changes from kerbside sort to comingled recycling collections.

Volunteer schemes

Using volunteers to engage others in their communities about waste reduction, reuse, composting and recycling. We have successfully delivered volunteer schemes in North Yorkshire, Cheshire, Essex and Surrey. Our Essex Waste Busters scheme was the winner of the LARAC Best Waste Minimisation/Prevention Project Award 2012. 

Staff provision and support

Recruiting, managing and supporting staff working on behalf of our clients in community engagement campaigns


Training for waste and recycling operatives, contact centre staff and engagement staff to meet identified and specific training needs. 

Monitoring and evaluation

Waste Watch Services also specialises in the delivery of monitoring and evaluation projects in the fields of waste and recycling in line with WRAP guidance. These include:

• Participation monitoring of kerbside recycling services
• Monitoring awareness, claimed behaviour and satisfaction of service users on the doorstep and at HWRCs
• Qualitative research
• Waste composition analysis of household and business waste and recycling streams

For further information about how Waste Watch Services can work with you please contact:
Dr. Anna Scott
Development Manager
T: 020 7549 0323
E: anna.scott@keepbritaintidy.org